Storm damage at home in MAExtreme weather strikes without warning and can wreak sudden and horrible havoc on your home or business in Massachusetts. As a property owner, turn to ServiceMaster of South Shore when you need help. We have a team of expertly trained and trustworthy professionals with the expertise you need to solve storm damage or wind damage.

ServiceMaster of South Shore is ready to provide 24/7 storm damage restoration services to the residents of Massachusetts including:

Our Storm Damage Cleanup Services:

  • Cleaning up fallen trees and other natural debris
  • Water damage mitigation due to flooding, heavy rains, or other storm waters
  • Repair services to roofs damaged by hail
  • Emergency board-up and tarping
  • Assessment of furniture, books, electronics, and other contents of the area

Storm damage repair in Massachusetts

Our Rapid Response Team acts immediately and efficiently around the clock, 24/7, to arrive on-site as soon as possible.  Emergency water and storm damage remediation services begin right away. We repair and cover holes in your roof or walls, remove debris that may cause additional damage, and develop a custom restoration plan to meet the needs of your particular case of property damage. Regardless of the extent of the damage from natural disasters such as heavy rains, strong winds, hail, or ice and snow, we respond quickly to secure your property against further damage and handle your insurance claim to keep the process smooth and efficient for you.

  • Heavy Rains
    Heavy rain can result in water getting into areas not usually affected by rain. Water may intrude anywhere from the attic to the walls and ceiling. Crawl spaces and basements are susceptible to flooding.
  • Strong Winds
    Strong winds combined with rain or ice can wreak havoc on the exterior of your property. Sometimes these storms will result in power outages, blowing objects, fallen trees or broken branches. Missing and damaged shingles may cause further damage to your home down the line.
  • Hail Storms
    Hail often comes along with strong winds and rain.  Hail damages your roof (shingles, metal, and slate), gutters, siding, HVAC units, windows, screens, doors, awnings and more.
  • Ice and Snow
    Ice buildup on your roof causes ice dams to form, which impact proper water drainage and lead to water intrusion in your home over time. Water stains on the ceiling or an exterior wall may appear first. If left untreated, these water stains will turn into a much worse water damage problem.

Trust Our Team of Experts

When weather strikes, we handle all aspects of putting your life and property back to normal. We provide full mitigation services if your property has suffered damage in Massachusetts due to storm damages. Storm damage cleaning and restoration involves cleaning of a property that has been through collateral damage caused by water from heavy rains or extreme weather. Our specialists are equipped with advanced equipment and the leading industry techniques for restoration.

Our storm damage cleanup technicians in Boston, Cape Cod and the South Shore area know how to use efficient evaporation that will deter continuing damage. ServiceMaster of South Shore is formally trained in storm damage cleanup and can help you repair any property harmed by extreme weather.