There is always potential for your home in Norwell to experience water damage anytime during the year. You’ve got not only the risk of floods and heavy rainfall throughout the year, but also concerns over how your plumbing system functions. The plumbing system might burst in the winter if it freezes. Your roof, appliances, or toilets could also develop leaks.

Our experts at ServiceMaster South Shore can assist you with whatever water damage concerns you have at your property. But you must also ensure you are careful when managing anything that might have been harmed by water damage that spreads all around.

There are a few things to do when managing water damage in your Norwell home. These efforts are necessary, but you should also be cautious when planning them, so they don’t become hard to manage:

  • Be sure the electricity in your home is shut off before entering a room with standing water. Our team can help you shut off the electricity in these spots if necessary.
  • Avoid using any electrical items while on a wet floor or carpet. The energy from those items might enter the wet surface.
  • Never touch visible mold, as it can spread in moments. Our experts at ServiceMaster will clean out the mold with safe materials that prevent the spores from spreading further.
  • Do not lift any carpets that were tacked down without professional assistance. We at Service Master will attempt to clear out as much water from the carpet or other soft space as possible before lifting an item.
  • You can mop and blot as much water as possible before a professional arrives to help you with your work. But be sure the effort works in safe places where there are no electrical risks.
  • Any wet fabrics that are not permanently attached to any space should be moved out of your property as soon as possible. The excess humidity from these fabrics might make the water damage worse if they stick around.
  • Add aluminum foil over the furniture legs around your home. The added foil provides a barrier that keeps excess moisture from moving into the foundations of your furniture.

The best thing to do for managing water damage in Norwell is to ask us at ServiceMaster South Shore for help. We are available throughout the day to serve your water management needs. Our work ensures you won’t worry about whatever happens next.