Braintree and South Shore: Commercial Carpet Cleaning Keeps Your Business Looking Great!

What attracts customers to your place of business? If you’re like most small business owners, you probably have a good idea how to answer that question. You have great merchandise or you offer superior customer service.  Maybe you’re the most convenient business in town.

Here’s another question: what makes customers leave? What makes customers decide that they don’t […]

Braintree: What Can Be Done About Smoke Damage After A Fire

House fires are devastating events, even if the damage to your home was ‘relatively minor’.  As one fire inspector told us, minor damage means “it happened to someone else!”  There is no minor damage when it’s your home, your possessions, and your memories on the line.

We’re blessed with some fabulous fire departments in our area.  […]

Disaster 101: What To Do After the House Floods

It’s been a wet, snowy winter, and forecasters are talking about a soggy spring.  The Braintree area has seen some pretty significant weather this year and the thought of the spring thaw has some homeowners nervous.  When there’s lots of water flowing around, you can have problems: water in basements, leaking roofs, even localized flooding.  […]