No one is prepared when a flood enters their home, but ServiceMaster South Shore has a few tips of what to remember during a flood situation in South Shore, Massachusetts, Cape and The Islands.

Safety First

Electricity and water do NOT mix! Remember this when navigating your home during and after the flood. It’s possible the power may need to be turned off in order to restore your home, so either wear protective clothing or wait for a professional to arrive on the scene.

Stop Water Flow Immediately

If you are able to determine where the water is coming from, do what you can to stop it at the source. If it’s coming from a storm drain, call the city or town to clear it up. If it’s a burst pipe, contact your local plumber as soon as possible. If it’s a broken sump-pump, get a replacement so you can prevent further damage to the area. When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence! The sooner you are able to stop the flow of water, the sooner you can begin the restoration process.

Dry it Out

If you have a wet vac on hand, use it to remove any puddles. Setting up home dehumidifiers and fans won’t be enough to dry the area properly; you’ll be risking mold contamination or structural damage from water seeping into your foundation. Call a professional water remediation company like ServiceMaster South Shore to bring in industrial strength dryers and take moisture measurements. This way, you’ll know your property and belongings are dried properly to avoid mold or further damage.

Call the Insurance Company

Make sure to document everything of value and take photos. This will assist the insurance adjuster during inspection and assessment of the level of damage.

Clean and Repair

Work with a professional water remediation company to determine items that are salvageable and those that are not. This goes the same for certain areas of your home affected. If you need to call in a general contractor to rebuild certain rooms, this would happen after the cleaning has been completed.

If you truly care about returning your property to pre-loss condition, ignoring cleanup after a water damage disaster is NOT an option. Water damage is a serious issue that can result in costly repairs when not dealt with right away. You can also damage the various mechanical systems in your home such as your electrical systems or HVAC. Mold can grow in as a little as 48 hours and be extremely difficult to eradicate, causing poor indoor air quality that leads to allergies and even asthma. ServiceMaster South Shore uses special equipment and practices that prevent these problems from developing and restore your property correctly.

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Photo by U.S. Geologic Survey