Fall down seven times, stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb

Having a fire in your home is a very traumatic event. Even small fires, such as a kitchen fire, can create a lot of damage in your home.  One of the primary concerns South Shore homeowners have after a fire is cleaning up all the smoke, soot, and grime that a fire can leave behind.  Here are some things you should know about smoke damage.

South Shore Disaster Recovery Fact #1: The Damage Doesn’t Stop Happening When The Flames Go Out!

Have you ever thought about what smoke is made of? It’s easy to take the gray and black clouds that emerge from a fire for granted, but the truth is that they’re really very complicated chemically.  The content of smoke is determined in part by the nature of the items that burn up in a fire.  This means your furniture, fixtures, and personal possessions.  It can also mean the actual building materials used to construct your home.  When these items are burned, they release chemical compounds – some of which are potentially toxic – into the atmosphere. When smoke and soot clings to your remaining possessions, these chemical compounds can cause further reactions, damaging items that weren’t even involved in the fire.

South Shore Disaster Recovery Fact #2: Act Fast for Best Results!

There is a limited window of opportunity for your South Shore professional cleaning service to stop the damage caused by smoke and soot.  Many materials and surfaces can be restored to like new condition – but you have to act fast.  Painted walls,  wallpaper, carpeting, rugs, even upholstered furniture can often be saved.  Every item that can be restored in one that doesn’t have to be replaced. This can save you big money.  When you talk to your insurance agent, ask them how soon you can have your South Shore professional cleaning service start cleaning the smoke damage.  The faster, the better!