If you’ve priced carpet recently, you know one thing for sure. It doesn’t matter what type or brand you pick: carpeting is not cheap! We spend considerable amounts of money getting the perfect carpeting for our living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and family rooms. If flooding, fire damage, or out of control partying wrecks your carpets, do you have any recourse – or is that money gone down the drain forever?

South Shore Carpet Cleaning

Saving your carpet may be possible!  Working with an experienced professional cleaning and disaster restoration team is the very best way to ensure that your investment in carpeting isn’t totally lost.  While many amateur cleaners may look at a carpet that’s been submerged by flood waters, soaked by fireman’s hoses, or covered with smoke and soot and say “You’re out of luck!” there may, in fact, be options.

Restoring water-damaged carpeting is a complex, multi-step process designed to restore your carpeting to it’s initial appearance.  Additionally, South Shore carpet cleaning service can eliminate foul odors and stains from your carpeting.  After carpeting has gotten very,very wet, there’s always a chance that mold and mildew can grow in it.  This can be a health disaster, particularly if you have young children or people with respiratory difficulties in your family.  South Shore carpet cleaning services will, after the carpet has been thoroughly dried and cleaned, apply a special chemical that discourages mold and mildew growth. You’ve had enough stress in your life! You don’t need to worry about moldy carpet.

When there’s been a fire in your home, there are many chemicals and toxins that are spread through the air. These chemical compounds can reach rooms that weren’t directly in the fire. Carpeting, due to its large surface area, can be significantlyaffected. Many homeowners don’t realize that there’s only a small window of time to treat the damage from a fire before it becomes irreversible.  Your South Shore disaster recovery service can treat the carpet to stop the chemical damage (which continues LONG after the flames are extinguished).