Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire damage cleanup for a business Scituate Norwell Hanover MAWhether you run a restaurant, retail shop, professional office, or other Scituate business, having a fire on your premises is never good news.  The first thing you need to do after you’ve made sure all customers and staff are evacuated safely and emergency response personnel are notified is to call your insurance agent.  They’re going to tell you what type of protection you have in this situation.  One thing you’ll want to ask them about is fire remediation and smoke damage clean up services.

Scituate fire restoration services are designed to erase every sign that your business was ever impacted by a fire.  This can be a multi-faceted job.  Cleaning and restoring your business to its original condition can include cleaning walls, floors, and ceilings. Recovering and restoring tables, chairs, seating booths, fixtures, and equipment is our specialty. This is important to know, as every item that can be recovered and restored is an item you don’t need to replace.

What about smoke damaged inventory? Many times, we’ve had business owners ask us about the potential for restoring smoke-damaged inventory to like new condition. This is a complex question, and we’d encourage you to contact us directly.  You’re also going to want to contact your insurance agent: many policies have a provision that covers destroyed or damaged inventory.  In cases where the inventory is irreplaceable, such as one-of-a-kind furniture or artwork we will work closely with you to determine if restoration is possible.

Don’t forget the importance of having staff break rooms, storage rooms, and other ‘behind the scenes’ areas restored after a fire.  Scents from smoke damage can linger in these areas, along with the toxic chemicals created by smoke and soot residue.  It’s not good for your employees’ health to be exposed to these chemicals. Reduce your liability by making sure your workplace is safe!