When does a fire stop damaging your home? Many people are surprised to discover that a fire can continue to damage your home even after the fireman’s hoses have extinguished all of the flames.  Heat, smoke residue, and the chemicals used to combat fire can wreak havoc on your possessions even though the fire is out.  You have a short window of time – a few days at most – to have a disaster recovery team perform emergency pre-cleaning in order to maximize the  number of your possessions you’ll be able to salvage from the fire.

What is Emergency Pre-Cleaning?

Emergency pre-cleaning is a rapid response disaster recovery and remediation technique used to minimize the damage done to your home and your possessions after a fire. Smoke and soot contain many toxic chemicals that leach into and break down surfaces they touch.  It is essential to have smoke and soot removed as quickly as possible.  It is possible to arrest the chemical changes a fire can cause within synthetic materials in our homes. This requires specialized expertise and training: you’ll want to call in your Scituate disaster recovery company right away!

Scituate Emergency Pre-Cleaning Services

Upholstered furniture, carpeting, photos, pictures, artwork, heirlooms and antiques can be pre-cleaned after a fire.   When we’re considering truly irreplaceable items, such as school pictures and artwork, pre-cleaning services can truly prevent heartbreak. It is important to act quickly. The window to save your family’s heirlooms is small.

Many fires start in the kitchen.  Pre-cleaning services can be used to help effectively salvage appliances, kitchen ware, and ceramics. This not only helps you save money by eliminating the need to replace these items, but can help you hold onto precious memories.The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and so much of our lives and memories are built around the dinner table.