Generally, when there’s a lot of smoke, George Foreman once said, there’s just a whole lot more smoke!

The legendary boxer and father of ten (five of whom are also named George!) shared those words in relation to athletes who brag about their performance before they step foot in the ring.  Yet as any Quincy homeowner who has experienced a house fire can attest, smoke does seem to be endless.  Long after the flames have been quenched and the firefighters departed, the lingering affects of smoke, soot and water damage continue to transform your home.

Quincy Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot are actually very complex compounds.  Smoke and soot contain lots of particles and chemicals drawn directly from the materials burned in the fire.  Consider what that might mean in your home: upholstered furniture, carpeting, and electronics all contain elements that can become toxic when exposed to the high heat of a house fire. These toxic elements cling everywhere that smoke and soot has touched.  This poses a health hazard for you, your family, and your pets.

Fast Quincy disaster remediation service is essential for homeowners who want to salvage the maximum possible amount of their possessions.  Smoke damage can be halted and your home’s possessions refreshed and restored to their original condition  by professional cleaning services. Complete and thorough cleaning removes all traces of smoke and soot from walls, carpeting, drapes, light fixtures, and more.  This halts the progressive damage smoke and soot can cause.  It also removes a potential health hazard to your family.  People who have respiratory difficulties, depressed immune systems, or who are very young or old should have no to  minimal exposure to smoke and soot – cleaning as soon as possible is essential to preserve their health.

The stink and smell of a fire can be eliminated.  Your house will smell good again!