Heavy rains and spring thaw have combined to create flooding conditions in many areas locally. New Jersey seems to have gotten the worst of the most recent storm, but a look at the streams, rivers, and even ditches in the Plymouth area make it clear: the potential for water damage is high. Even minor flooding can cause damage in garages, basements, and ground floors.

What Water Does To Your Possessions

Many people don’t realize exactly how powerful or destructive water can be. Flood waters are especially troublesome. These waters contain many chemicals, debris, and even toxins from the materials they’ve engulfed en route to your house. Imagine the flood waters going through a gas station, garage, or family farm before they hit your house. Would you like to clean up that mess? Under no event enter flood waters: the chemical mix can make you sick, debris can injure you, and the threat of electrocution can be high. Drowning is always a very real hazard: leave flood water clean ups to the professionals!

Flood waters can damage your home’s integrity. The first thing your Plymouth disaster recovery company will do is help you ensure your home is structurally sound and safe to occupy. Removing standing water is the next priority. Specialized pumps can help move hundreds of gallons of water quickly – far faster than you can with a mop or buckets. Once the water is removed, it’s possible to assess the situation and determine what can be saved.

Many homeowners are surprised by the number of possessions that can be saved by Plymouth water damage remediation services. After being thoroughly dried, carpet can be both cleaned and treated with a special chemical that prevents mold and mildew from growing. Upholstered furniture may be recoverable, saving you the expense and inconvenience of having to replace these items.