This week has brought wild weather to much of the country. The East Coast has been hit particularly hard, with a string of tornados and torrential downpours. The worst of the damage thus far has been confined to the Southeast, with Alabama bearing the brunt of it. More than a few Plymouth homeowners have a nervous eye on the forecast.  They’re wondering how well their homes will hold up if heavy rains and severe storms hit our region.

Plymouth: What to Do if the Basement Floods

There are a number of reasons why your basement could flood. Seasonal rains and heavy storms can lead to water in the basement. Local storm drains and rivers can be overwhelmed by heavy rain, leading to water flooding nearby homes and businesses. Sometimes our homes’ sump pumps just can’t handle all of the water.

If your basement is flooding, your first priority is to maintain your safety and the safety of your family.  Do not enter flooded basements, as the risk of electrocution and injury are great.  Call for professional basement pump out service. 24 hour emergency service availability means your Plymouth disaster response team can come to your home day or night.

The right time to call for basement pump out service is the moment you think you need the water removed. Water begins damaging your home from the minute it enters. Water damage remediation begins after the water is removed. These services include drying out your homes’ interior and your possessions, salvaging as much as possible.

Carpet and rug cleaning gets the mud, dirt, and grime that accompanies flood waters out of your floor coverings.  Special high powered fans are used to ensure that your rugs and carpeting are completely dried. Afterward, your carpets and rugs can be treated with a special chemical to discourage the growth of mold and mildew, helping ensure your family’s continued good health.