What are Pack Out Services?

House and business fires are devastating events.  Fire is destructive. Your routine is disrupted.  A fire can create significant emotional turmoil and chaos in the lives of everyone involved.  After a fire, you want to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.  That means having your Plymouth disaster recovery team address the smoke, soot, and other fire damage.  Don’t forget about water damage – water from the firefighter’s efforts and damaged plumbing can saturate carpets, rugs, walls, upholstered furniture and the rest of your possessions.

One of the things you’ll hear your Plymouth cleaning service discuss is Pack-Out service.  Before the cleaning team can begin addressing the damage caused by the fire, it is sometimes necessary to remove your possessions from the affected rooms.  While performing Pack Out service, your Plymouth cleaning team will carefully pack your items in sturdy cardboard boxes and move them to storage.  Every item is inventoried and recorded so you know where your items are.  This process makes it easier to put your possessions back in place once the disaster recovery services – which can include water pump out, smoke, soot and grime removal, total house cleaning, and more – are completed.

The benefits of having your Plymouth cleaning service perform Pack-Out service rather than trying to pack your possessions yourself include:

  • Speed. Professional pack-out service is fast, efficient and organized.  The focus is on getting your home and business back to normal FAST.
  • Emotional impact.  It can be very difficult to have to pack up possessions in an environment of damage and destruction. Having someone else handle the job reduces the trauma you’re exposing yourself to.
  • Organization.  Every box is labeled and inventoried by people who know how vital organization is after a fire.  Don’t try to learn this on the job: it takes practice and skill.