There are many reasons that your basement could flood. Changing weather patterns have resulted in the Plymouth area being hit with surprisingly heavy, quick bursts of rain, creating flash flood conditions. Household disasters, including clogged household drains, obstructed sewer lines, and bust pipes, can also result in your basement being flooded.  And of course, there’s always the possibility that someone in the household has a “brilliant” idea that dumps hundreds, even thousands, of gallons of water into the basement.

What do you do?

Basement Pump Out in Plymouth

The first step in dealing with a flooded basement is getting the water out.  This is not a do it yourself job.  In fact, a flooded basement can be a very dangerous place.  You run the risk of electrical shock, falls and subsequent injury, and even drowning.  Never enter a flooded basement.  Call your Plymouth water mitigation service.  They have the tools and equipment needed to do the job safely, effectively and quickly.

After the water pump out has occurred, and the underlying situation that lead to the flooded basement has been resolved, you need to assess what water damage there is.  This depends on part on how your basement is finished.  If you have an unfinished and empty basement, your focus can be on water removal and mold and mildew abatement and prevention.  However, few people have completely empty basements, which means a more significant clean up effort is required.

If you have a finished basement that doubles as a family room, you’ll want to check for carpet water damage.  Furniture and other possessions that have been standing in flood waters may appear to be irretrievably damaged, but don’t leap to conclusions.  It’s often possible for a professional cleaning and recovery company to save possessions you may have written off as lost. Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can eliminate every trace of the flood water’s damage.