“My Mother called me at work.  She was screaming.  ‘There’s water everywhere! You need to come over right now!’” Glenn M. shook his head at the memory. “Of course I sped right over. And Mom was right.  There was water everywhere.”  A municipal water line had broken, sending hundreds of gallons of water flooding into the Norwell area home.  A quick call to 911 confirmed that emergency crews were coming to deal with the broken water line, leaving Glenn free to help his mother out.

“The first thing I did was get her out of there. The woman’s in her nineties. She doesn’t need that kind of excitement.”  The next step Glenn took was to call his Norwell disaster response service.  “I told them we needed serious water clean up fast, and they said, ‘We’re on our way!’”

When a home is flooded, it’s essential to get the water out fast. The longer the water is in the home , the more damage it is doing to the home’s structure and everything inside the home. “I opened the back door, and that helped get some of the water out,” Glenn said, “but then the Norwell water clean up team arrived and things really started happening.” Armed with high powered pumps, the Norwell disaster response team removed all of the standing water. The next step was drying out the area, using strategically placed specialized fans.  “While this was going on, they went through and took action to save Mother’s furniture and carpeting.” Drying and restoring upholstered furniture becomes easier when there’s a quick response to the emergency. Glenn’s mother was able to keep her living room furniture, a set she’s treasured for years. “That made her very happy.”

Remember, if your home is flooded, it’s essential to call for help quickly! South Shore Service Masters emergency response team provides water clean up services 24/7 to keep your family safe and dry. Call us for more information.