smoke damage clean upIt’s not often we quote Lady Gaga here, but this is too good to pass up: “I think it’s absolutely a blessing when you just know what your purpose is and your destiny.” Here at ServiceMaster South Shore, we’re very proud of the work we do to restore South Shore homes and businesses after a fire or disaster event. It really makes people’s lives better to have their homes and possessions brought back to original condition.

Let’s talk about Norwell smoke damage.  Many homeowners are really surprised (and not in a good way!) to discover that smoke does just as much damage as fire.  Soot, smoke, and ashy grime stick to many surfaces: walls, floors, countertops, light fixtures, appliances, and ceilings, just to name a few. Smoke damage clean up is designed to remove the soot, smoke, and residue quickly and completely.

Removing smoke from your Norwell home after a fire makes your home look, smell, and feel better.  Smoke damage can trigger environmental allergies, asthma attacks, respiratory distress and more in vulnerable individuals. This is especially true for small children, who are often closer to the ground where carpets and rugs soak up lingering odors like a sponge.  Part of the services we provide as part of Norwell smoke damage clean up is carpet cleaning. When your floor coverings look and smell good again, you’re well on your way to getting life back to normal!

Smoke can damage your upholstered furniture.  Don’t toss your couch, recliner, arm chairs, or other upholstered furniture before we’ve had a chance to look at it! Many times, items you may have thought were a total loss can be restored to like new condition. The trick is acting quickly: smoke damage grows worse day by day. Call in our team quickly for the best results.