“We couldn’t figure out why Brandi kept getting sick.  It seemed like every week we were taking her to the pediatrician.”  DeShawna hugged her daughter tight.  “And I didn’t like to see my baby girl feeling bad.  She had it all – the runny nose, the coughing at night. We even had to use a nebulizer for a while. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.” The pediatrician suggested that DeShawna have her home checked for mold.  “Wouldn’t you know it? There was mold in our home and it was making my baby sick.”

MA Mold Removal: What You Need To Know

In MA, mold removal is a highly competitive business.  You can do one Google search, and you’ll find lots of companies that claim they can remove the mold completely and safely from your home.  Remember when you’re making your choice that your family’s health is on the line: exposure to mold spores can trigger environmental allergies and cause a person to become quite ill.  For this reason, you want to choose a MA Mold Removal company that has a proven reputation for getting the job done right.

There are many different ways to remove mold.  Don’t try to do the job yourself – not only could you make yourself sick, but you could cause the mold spores to get dispersed over a wider area, making your mold problem larger than it was to begin with! Your MA Mold Removal company will use the appropriate technology, including dry ice blasting, to eliminate the mold from your home.  Preventative treatments are then applied to keep the mold and mildew from coming back.

It’s important to never take chances with your family’s health.  Talk to your children’s pediatrician if they are having recurring respiratory problems. That’s not the type of thing it’s safe to ignore! Meanwhile, inspect your home.  At the first sign of mold growth, call your MA mold removal company.  Mold will not go away on its own. Ignoring mold and mildew puts your children in danger – as well as anyone else with allergies!