Mold and mildew are caused by small, microscopic organisms, but they can be a big problem for your family’s health and your home’s structural integrity.  In the Boston area, we often have every ingredient necessary for mold growth within our homes: a flat surface for the mold to grow and feed upon, warm temperatures – after all, we heat our homes from October to May and sometimes even longer! – and plenty of moisture in the air. When you have all three of these ingredients, you’re primed for mold growth.

When you discover mold, you want to call your Boston mold removal specialists right away.  DO NOT attempt to remove the mold yourself: it’s trickier than you might think, and doing the job wrong exposes you to potentially toxic, allergy-provoking spores.  Trying to clean the mold yourself can make you sick. Trust the Boston mold removal specialists to do the job right.

A big part of the process in mold removal is identifying the source of moisture that’s keeping your mold alive.  This moisture can come from leaking pipes, holes in the roof or walls, or from high levels of humidity in your interior air.  Using a dehumidifier can make a huge difference in how attractive mold spores find your home.  Remember, if they don’t have the moisture they need to thrive, mold spores won’t hang around – they’ll move on to a more attractive location.

When you have a Boston mold removal company get the mold out of your home, they’ll clean it out completely, and treat the area with a special chemical designed to inhibit future mold and mildew growth.  There are many ways to remove mold, and your Boston mold removal company will use the latest, greatest technology to fix the problem.  This includes dry-ice blasting, a safe and effective way to eliminate mold from your home.