What should you do if you discover mold in your home? That’s one of the most common questions we hear. Many MA homeowners want to know if they can get rid of the mold they’ve found on their own, or if they need to call in a professional MA mold remediation company.

There’s no one easy answer to that question. So much depends upon your individual situation. How large is the moldy area? Is the mold in an area you can clean safely and easily? Is the mold growing on an easy to clean hard surface or a soft, porous surface like carpeting and wall board?  Are you sure you’re seeing all of the mold? Hidden mold can grow in areas that aren’t easy to spot. It’s important to remember that all of the harmful mold must be removed from your home for the sake of your family’s health.

If you’re not sure about the extent or severity of the mold in your home, your MA mold remediation company can perform a mold assessment. This preliminary investigation will reveal the situation you’re facing. Many times, your MA mold remediation company can help identify the source of moisture that’s contributing to mold growth.  This is important information to have when you’re taking steps to make sure the mold doesn’t come back!

While the homeowner generally can handle cleaning small, targeted areas of mold, any significant mold growth will require specialized removal and disposal procedures. Simple household cleaners and home remedies can’t effectively get rid of serious mold.  People who have allergies and respiratory difficulties should be particularly wary of disturbing any mold growth, as this can cause the harmful spores to be released into the air. Your MA mold remediation company can remove the mold growth quickly and effectively, minimizing the risk to your health.