“I don’t know why I’m crying,” Amanda said.  “We all made it out of the fire. Everyone is safe.  But now we’ve lost everything – all of the furniture and antiques that John and I spent years collecting.  It breaks my heart to think of it all gone.”

Don’t be so quick to assume that everything is lost in a fire.  Many times, furniture – even upholstered furniture – that has been exposed to the high heat and smoke of a house fire can be recovered and restored to its original condition. The key is to call in qualified Marshfield disaster recovery specialists – and to do so fast!

One thing many people don’t know is that fire continues damaging your home long after the flames are extinguished.  The complex chemical compounds in smoke, soot and grime remain active, changing and altering whatever surface they’ve landed upon.  This can result in your items changing color. Many surfaces can become pitted or rough due to smoke.  There is a strong, foul odor associated with smoke damage.

This damage isn’t necessarily permanent. Your ServiceMaster South Shore team has the skills and specialized equipment necessary to stop smoke damage in its track.  Cleaning and restoring walls, upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, kitchen countertops, antiques and collectibles, lighting fixtures and more can restore these items to their original condition. It’s important to act promptly before the chemical changes become too severe and irreversible.

We can’t promise you that we can save everything. However, you’ll be amazed at how many items can be restored after a fire, especially if your Marshfield fire remediation team is called in quickly after the blaze.  In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for restoration services – contact your homeowner’s insurance agent for details.

Fire damage doesn’t have to be permanent.  Let our team of skilled professionals help you get life back to normal quickly.! Contact us for help with fire damage in Marshfield.