Because the disaster frequency is low and people’s’ knowledge of how to choose a restoration professional is limited, they may turn to you, their agent, for direction and/or help on the topic. While choosing a restoration professional may seem like a daunting task to the consumer, your knowledge of the industry and how to help them will be invaluable. At ServiceMaster South Shore, it is our goal to be a trusted partner to your company and to your policyholders.

To help you arm your customers with the right tools to make the most informed decision possible, here are 10 questions that can help them through the process:

  1. How quickly can the restoration company respond to a crisis situation, and what is their track record?
  2. Have they gone through a certified training program for water remediation, fire remediation and policyholder communication?
  3. Do they follow IICRC guidelines and protocols?
  4. Do they focus on restoration or replacement?
  5. Do they conduct regular meetings with you, the insurer, to review program costs/satisfaction levels?
  6. Are they up-to-date on latest information and technology in the industry?
  7. Do they ask the policyholder the right questions?
  8. Do they have a procedure for communicating with the agent, adjuster and policyholder?
  9. Do they make the policyholder feel more at ease with the loss, explain the process and answer all questions?
  10. Do they have a system for asking and measuring customer satisfaction and feedback on a job?

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