Smoke Damage Clean Up Services“When the bagel shop downstairs burned, I was so scared I was going to lose everything in the apartment,” Alison said. “The fire didn’t come this far, but the smoke did.  Now my home stinks so bad.  I can’t even walk in there without my eyes watering. The smell makes me cough.  I want to throw up.  What am I going to do?”

Smoke can do just as much damage to your home as a full-fledged house fire.  If your home has been exposed to smoke from a fire in an adjoining apartment or building, you may find that the walls, carpeting, furniture, and your possessions are all affected. One sign of smoke damage can be detected by your nose: smoke damage smells bad. Other signs of smoke damage are discoloration and a gritty, ashy residue that sticks to everything.

Do not attempt to clean smoke damage yourself.  It’s difficult, dirty, and dangerous.  There are many toxic chemicals in smoke and soot. These chemicals can trigger a lot of complex physiological reactions in your body – up to and including cancer! Why put yourself at risk.

Your Hingham disaster recovery team is specially trained and prepared to eliminate all of the effects of smoke damage from your home.  The dangerous chemicals are removed. The bad smell is eliminated.  Many times, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will pay for some or all of the cost of smoke damage cleanup in Hingham.

It’s important to call for smoke damage clean up services right away.  The chemicals that are in the smoke and soot remain active long after the flames go out, penetrating and interacting with all of the surfaces they cling to.  That’s why you’ll see light fixtures, glassware, and painted surfaces changing color significantly after a fire.  Prompt attention by your Hingham smoke damage repair team can stop those chemicals in their tracks.