What a Super Bowl! Unlike previous years, this year we actually had a game: the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are both formidable teams. The first half got off kind of slow, but after a halftime show (about which the less said, the better!) there was some real football going on. It was a tense game: Green Bay only captured the victory by six points.

Of course, football is the smallest part of Super Bowl Sunday.  The real fun is to be had partying with friends -and friends of friends who happen to show up, and some people you don’t even know, but who came in for wings and beer.

Afterward, the house can look a little rough.  People spill drinks in the carpet and upholstery.  Even though you don’t smoke, your guests weren’t shy about lighting up, and now there’s the smell of cigarette smoke lingering everywhere.  It’s going to take you until the NEXT Super Bowl to recover from this one – and that’s factoring in the lockout!

Hingham Professional Cleaning Service

If the good times have rolled right through your house, call in the Hingham professional cleaning team.  There’s no mess they haven’t seen before!  Total home cleaning gets rid of the trash and debris left behind by even the most ardent partiers.  Carpet cleaning services get out ground in food, the grease and stains from dropped chicken wings, and even those puddles of stuff you’re sure you don’t want to think about.  Upholstered furniture can be completely cleaned, restored to freshness.  Your couch doesn’t have to smell like Ben Roethlisberger’s sweaty gear! Eliminating the lingering odor and clinging residue of cigarette smoke is no problem when you have Hingham’s best cleaners on your side.

A great Super Bowl party might leave you with a headache – but it doesn’t have to leave you with a house that’s trashed!