Hingham House Wide Cleaning

The New Year brings us a chance for a fresh start, a chance to hit the re-set button and go forward creating the lives we want to have as the months unfold. In many cultures, the New Year signals a time of freshness and renewal, particularly as that applies to our living space.  Having the house cleaned from top to bottom is a good way to start with a clean slate.

House wide cleaning services are ideal for the New Year.  Having a skilled team of cleaning professionals take on your home is far more effective (and much less tiring!) than attempting to do the job yourself in the precious free time you have.  Vacation time is scarce — do you really want to spend it scrubbing walls, cleaning tile and grout, or making your kitchen shine?  Let the pros do the work and come home to a house that looks fabulous.  A clean home provides an inspiration and positive reinforcement for all the changes you’re making to make your life better!

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Having your carpets professionally cleaned can do more than make your home look good.  A deep, thorough cleaning makes your home’s rugs and carpets smell better. The entire house seems fresher.  Additionally, removing dirt, grease, and ground in debris from your carpets can extend the life of rugs and carpeting.  Protect the investment you’ve made in your home’s appearance and comfort!

Pets can be particularly rough on carpeting.  Dogs and cats shed hair.  Long haired cats and dogs such as Irish Setters are beautiful to look at, fluffy and adorable – but they leave hair everywhere.  Household vacuums can pick up some of the loose hair, but the dander, skin fragments, and oil from your pet’s hair remains in the carpeting. This can make your carpets look dingy and can create an odor — definitely not the impression you want to make!  Hingham house cleaning services provide thorough, complete carpet cleaning.