Commercial and Residential Board Up Services

Bad things happen.  Our homes and businesses can be damaged by extreme weather events, fire, criminal activity and more.  When you discover that your property has been damaged, you go through a range of emotions: anger, upset, distress, and perhaps, most of all, a sense of “I can’t leave the place like this!”  You don’t want to leave your property vulnerable to even more damage — and you don’t want to expose yourself from additional liability if someone takes the broken windows and missing doors as in invitation to explore where they shouldn’t.

What Are Board Up Services?

The purpose of board up services are to secure your property, protect it from further damage and intrusion, and eliminate potential hazards, such as broken glass. Boarding up broken windows and doors is only the beginning: board up services can include tarping or boarding areas where a roof no longer serves that purpose. Securing a site with fences or other barriers to entry may be an option, depending on the site and local regulation.

When you need board up services, you need them fast, and you need the job done right. Many business owners and homeowners attempt to do this job themselves. It doesn’t take them long to realize the full magnitude of what they’ve gotten into: maneuvering heavy sheets of plywood and securing them to a damaged building is not as easy as it sounds. Many homeowner insurance companies strongly prefer (and some require!) that board up services be performed by a qualified professional.

Cleaning Up The Mess

If your Eastern MA home or business has been damaged or vandalized, you need the mess cleaned up fast. Removing trash, graffiti and broken glass is important not only for safety reasons, but to show the criminal element that the property is cared for and about. A fast response can prevent the problem from getting worse.