Photo Credit: Stephanie BerghaeuserWill the rain ever stop coming? Eastern MA has been hammered by some serious rain fall this spring, with severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.  This can be a problem for your home in many ways.  One of those ways is the problem of flooded basements.  When your basement floods, do you know what to do?

Eastern MA Basement Pump Out

The first thing you should do if your basement is flooding is make sure you and your family is safe.  Flooded rooms are dangerous.  Even if you think you know where everything is in your basement, even a few inches of water can cause these items to shift position and move around.  You can’t see them when they’re under the water, so if you’re wading through, there’s an increased risk of fall and injury.

There is a very real risk of electrocution when you’re dealing with a flooded basement.  If the flood waters have affected your home’s fuel oil tank or heating system, there may be toxic chemicals or oil products floating in those flood waters – and who knows what that water picked up before it got to your house!

Protect your health by calling on your Eastern MA cleaning specialists for basement pump out service.  Basement pump out services do what your sump pump just can’t – remove the excessive amounts of water that are associated with a flash flood, heavy rain event or even home plumbing disaster.  It’s essential to get this water out of your home quickly! The longer water remains, the more damage it is doing to the integrity of your home, your floors, walls, and possessions.

Eastern MA Water Damage Recovery

Many homeowners are surprised to discover the range of services that are available after a flood event to help homeowners get their life back to normal.  Basement pump outs are the first step.  If you have a finished basement, it can take a lot of work to transform that room back into liveable space after a flood.  Your Eastern MA cleaning specialist can provide carpet cleaning and rug cleaning so you can salvage your floor treatments – which can cost thousands of dollars to replace.  After thoroughly drying the carpets, the carpets are cleaned to remove any grease, grime, chemicals or staining agents that may have been carried in by the flood waters. A special chemical is applied to the carpeting to discourage the growth of mold and mildew, which helps keep your family safe.