Being a landlord isn’t always a bed of roses.  Some tenants are wonderful, while others aren’t.  Gather any group of landlords together and you’ll hear plenty of horror stories, from tenants who let their cats use the rental unit to those who “accidentally” start fires in the bedroom or bathroom – even in non-smoking units!

What’s the best way to get smoke damage out of a rental unit? Obviously, smoke damage must be dealt with quickly and in a cost-effective fashion.  It’s always a good idea to talk with your insurance agent and find out what types of Cohasset disaster recovery services are covered by your policy. Smoke damage can affect the walls, ceiling, flooring and fixtures of your rental units. Damage can include discoloration and foul odors. If you rent furnished units, you also need to be concerned about restoring upholstered furniture.

Cohasset smoke damage recovery services include thorough cleaning of walls, ceilings and floors. If you have carpeting or rugs in the apartment, many times they can be restored with carpet cleaning services.  Be aware that calling for restoration promptly is essential. Many carpets are composed largely, if not entirely, of synthetic fibers. These fibers are the most vulnerable to smoke damage. To stop the smoke from permanently ruining the carpeting in your rental unit, have your Cohasset disaster recovery team clean the carpets right away.  This service goes far beyond anything that can be accomplished with a simple vacuum: our proprietary techniques and technology can restore carpeting to its original condition in many cases.

Many times, landlords try to address smoke damage to walls and ceilings by painting over the damage.  Unfortunately, while this hides the appearance of smoke damage, it does little to hide the scent. If you’ve got tenants with allergies or respiratory sensitivities, this isn’t good news.  ServiceMaster South Shore eliminates the odor of smoke damage from the home.  If you need help restoring your rental units in Cohasset after a fire, call us today.  We’re here to help!