Do you have some tough-to-clean carpets? Does it seem like no matter how many times you vacuum, you just can’t get the room clean? Have you rented carpet cleaners, only to find yourself frustrated by the complicated instructions, messy machine, and uneven results?

Don’t feel embarrassed! You’re not alone. In fact, Boston carpet cleaning is one of the toughest tasks any home owner can have. Business owners, who see countless customers come through their doors with snowy, slushy boots, muddy sneakers, and worse, have an even tougher time cleaning their carpets.

Service Master South Shore is your solution for Boston Carpet Cleaning. You may know us for our disaster recovery services, but you’ll love us for how good we can make your carpeting look, smell and feel!

Our team of expert, certified carpet technicians are prepared to take on your toughest Boston carpet cleaning problems including:

  • Water damaged carpet – did your pipes burst, toilet overflow, or basement flood? We can help!
  • Fire damaged carpet – our patented processes remove soot, grime, and smoke
  • Mold – our mold remediation service removes the mold you have and prevents further mold from growing!
  • Sewage backups – really, do you want to clean this up yourself?
  • Vandalism – spray paint, motor oil, broken glass: we’ll do what it takes to get your carpets looking new again
  • Odor Removal – smoke, pets, the aftermath of tenants who never cleaned anything, ever – we’re here to  help!

We know how much carpeting costs, and how much you want to protect the investment you’ve made in your home.  It’s amazing how a good cleaning can restore the look, feel, and smell of your carpeting.  Your home or business can look vibrant and fresh once again!  Here at South Shore Service Masters, we can bring dirty, damaged carpeting back from the brink of disaster – and we can clean your carpets regularly so they always look great!