“I know I shouldn’t complain,” Mindi R, who has a home on the Cape, said.  “Not when all of those people down South are being flooded out. All I had was a few broken pipes.”  Those broken pipes poured hundreds of gallons of water into Mindi’s finished basement.  “It was almost to my knees!” the eighty-four year old homeowner explained.  “And we’d just had that carpet put in three years ago.  I hated to think it was all ruined!”

Cape Cod: Saving Water Damaged Carpets

When Mindi discovered the water, the first thing she did was call her son.  He called for Cape Cod emergency pump out service. It’s essential to get water out of your home as quickly as possible. Not only is water extremely damaging to your furniture and possessions, it can damage the integrity of your home.  Electrical wiring is vulnerable.

“We were supposed to have a sump pump that could handle this type of situation,” Mindi said, “but you see how well that worked!”  Sump pumps can and do fail, leaving the homeowner without a way to remove the water.  Emergency pump out services get the water out.

“The carpet was saturated.  Just soaked!”  The Cape Cod professional cleaning team used special high powered fans to completely dry the carpet. Then, using specialized cleaning techniques, they restored the carpet to a like-new appearance.  Flood waters can carry many chemicals, staining elements and grime – bad news for your home’s carpeting.  Getting your carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible is the best way to protect your investment!

Mold and mildew present very real health threats.  These elements can grow and trigger allergies and other health problems in people.   Your Cape Code professional cleaning team will treat the carpets with a special chemical to inhibit mold growth.  If the mold can’t grow, it can’t get you sick!  This treatment is safe for adults, children, and pets.