“My mother bought these rugs when she was traveling in Morocco in the sixties,” Doreen explained.  “They’ve been in my family for almost fifty years!”  She looked up at the ceiling in her apartment.  The neighbors upstairs have a teenage girl who started a bath and then completely forgot about it. “I guess her boyfriend called her and out the door she went! So that tub was running for hours!”  The water overflowed, of course, and seeped through the floor. Chunks of the ceiling collapsed onto Doreen’s rugs.  “And there was a lot of water! Up to my ankles!” Doreen said.

What can be done for water damaged carpet? Doreen called for ServiceMaster’s Cape Cod water pump out services to get the excessive water out of her apartment.  “That didn’t take them long at all,” Doreen said, “But you wouldn’t believe how filthy the rugs were afterward!”

Professional carpet cleaning services can  help restore your floor coverings after a flood event. Wall to wall carpeting and area rugs can be cleaned.  Your ServiceMaster South Shore’s professional cleaning service on Cape Cod will remove all of the flood water from the room, and then clean the carpet and rugs thoroughly.  This is done using specialized techniques and tools that will preserve the life of your carpeting. After the carpet and rugs are completely dried, an antimicrobial is applied to discourage the growth of mold and mildew.  This keeps your family healthy and safe from common allergens. “I was so happy to save Mother’s rugs!” Doreen said. “These were so important to her, and they’re treasures to me.”

Cleaning your carpets after a flood event is definitely not a do it yourself job.  First and foremost there’s a safety issue.  Flood waters are full of dirt, grease, grime, chemical compounds and more.  Don’t expose yourself to the risk! Next, it’s essential to remove all of the water.  This requires high powered pumps.  Professional carpet cleaning can remove the grime and nasty residue that flood waters have left embedded deep in your carpet.  Your room will look and smell great.