House fires are devastating events, even if the damage to your home was ‘relatively minor’.  As one fire inspector told us, minor damage means “it happened to someone else!”  There is no minor damage when it’s your home, your possessions, and your memories on the line.

We’re blessed with some fabulous fire departments in our area.  Using bravery and skill, they can often put out a fire before the home is a total loss.  What do you do if this happens to you?

Braintree disaster recovery services are the answer. Professional disaster recovery services are used to help homeowners salvage as many of their possessions as possible from the effects of a house fire. Many people are surprised by the range of items that can be saved. Every fire and home is different, but disaster recovery techniques have been used to save upholstered furniture, family photos, antiques and heirlooms – even carpeting!

To successfully alleviate smoke damage, your disaster remediation service will base their approach in response to the type of smoke your fire produced. Believe it or not, there are different types of smoke. Wet smokes, for example, leave lots of grainy, oily residue on every surface, whereas dry smokes leave finer films of soot and grime. Soot, smoke residue, and grime continue to damage your home and possessions even after the fire has gone out. It’s essential to treat smoke damage right away: the longer the soot and smoke residue lingers, the more difficult it will be for disaster recovery services to clean your possessions.

What can you expect after smoke damage remediation? Having a Braintree professional cleaning service take care of your home after a fire can produce surprising results. Eliminating the odor and grime of smoke is the top priority. Upholstered furniture can smell good again. Fabrics and wall coverings can look and feel like new.