How much difference could a chicken make in your life? Or in the life of your neighborhood? In this engaging story, a New York homeowner talks about the surprising impact the theft of a chicken from her yard had on her community. The tale has some familiar elements: if your family has been the victim of a crime, you know the disruption it can create. Fire and natural disasters have the same impact: once your home has been affected, you want things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Boston Residential Recovery Services

Getting your home back won’t wait.  The first role of your Boston cleaning service is to make sure that no further damage occurs, and to help insure the safety of your living area.  Glass service includes cleaning up broken glass and removing the threat of dangerous cuts.  Board up services will replace broken or missing windows (or wall portions) with secure wooden sheeting.  This protects your home from the elements and vandals until your contractors can install replacement windows.

Recovering from a fire means dealing with the damage from fire, smoke, and soot. Time is of the essence: the faster you can get your Boston disaster recovery company in there, the quicker they can begin cleaning the carpets, restoring upholstered furniture, and salvaging all possible materials.

Addressing water damage, from frozen pipes that burst, fireman’s hoses, or a plumbing disaster, involves getting the area completely dry. Carpet cleaning and the application of anti-mildew protection helps save your carpet. Removing all the water from the scene is essential – as are subsequent steps removing humidity from the air and monitoring the situation to make sure the restoration is complete.

If disaster strikes your family, help is available. Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, workshops, home offices and other rooms can all be restored with disaster restoration services.