It doesn’t take long for mold to damage your home.  Mold and mildew can grow in places you’re not even aware of! In the photo, you can see the mold and mildew damage that resulted from a slow leaking pipe in a bedroom.  Check out those mushrooms growing on the carpet!

Mold and mildew can be dangerous for your health, particularly if you have allergies or a compromised immune system.  Some people are more vulnerable to health problems if they are exposed to mold or mildew spores; these groups include children and the elderly.  If you have mold in your home, to protect the health of your family, you want to investigate Boston Mold Removal.

Spring’s wet weather is coming fast, and many people want tips on preventing mold and mildew in their home.

Airflow and circulation are key to mold prevention. When you call your Boston mold removal service, they place an emphasis on getting your home dry and aired out. Making sure there’s proper ventilation allows stale or overly moist air to be removed. You can use fans, blowers, and dehumidifiers to help circulate the air in your home.  One simple solution: open your windows on fine, dry days.

Your Boston mold removal team can tell you that the basement can be a source of your mold problem, particularly if you have poor drainage surrounding your home. Re-routing water away from your home, installing drains, and the strategic use of sump pumps can help control moisture levels in your basement.  Obviously, leaks, cracks, and vulnerable points should be repaired promptly!

Taking steps to prevent mold and mildew is a good idea.  Another good idea is the prompt removal of mold as soon as it is discovered. Leaking pipes, flooded basements, and heavy rain events can all contribute to mold growth.  Be alert and check your home over regularly.  Call your Boston mold removal team at the first sign of trouble: a fast response gets the problem dealt with!