Heavy rains, burst pipes, or an upstairs neighbor who left the tub running can all cause water damage. What is your homeowner’s insurance company going to be willing to pay for? In Boston, water damage claims run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but not all claims get paid. What’s the deal?

It’s essential that you know what your insurance policy covers and what it does not cover. If you’ve never actually sat down and read your homeowner’s insurance policy, do so now. It will be an eye opener. You may find that you want more coverage for specific events that you assumed were covered but in fact were not.

What should you do if you discover you have water damage? Stop the water! It is important to stop the leak as soon as possible, and then notify the insurer immediately. You may have less than 48 hours to make that call. Most policies require a prompt, written notice of the facts surrounding the claim, take appropriate steps to protect the property from further damage, performance of necessary repairs, and keeping an accurate record of expenses. Homeowners should also have a video or photo inventory of the damage.

Property owners should also refrain from making large scale repairs until the insurance company has inspected the damage and given authorization to do so.

Boston Water Damage

After you’ve called the insurance company, call ServiceMaster South Shore. Water damage requires an immediate response. Your insurance company wants the area stabilized to limit the amount of damage they’ll be left paying for. Standing water should be removed and the area dried, and water soaked materials should be taken out for repair or restoration. Undamaged items should also be removed to keep them from being damaged. Keep a record of everything that’s done, what you paid for it, and all communication you’ve had with the homeowner’s insurance company. That will make everything easier.

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