two cute kids hugging each other“Don’t worry, Jay-Jay.  I’ll make sure you’re all right.”

Devon isn’t old enough yet to start kindergarten, but he knows his brother needed comfort and compassion. The family has had a rough time of it lately: when the downstairs neighbor left a pot unattended on the stove, there was a fire.  There was extensive smoke damage in the boys’ home, although thankfully, the Boston apartment building was left mostly intact.

“They’ve had nightmares,” Ellie, the boys’ mother, said.  “They’ve both been sleeping in bed with us since the fire.  And for a while, it seemed like they were going to wind up losing some of their favorite things due to the smoke damage.”  One item in particular was the rug in the boys’ shared bedroom.  “It’s nothing super special,” Ellie explained. “But their rug has a little town printed on it, with roads they ran their toy cars on. There’s a school, a playground – things like that.  And the two of them would play cars on that rug every night before bedtime. It was part of our routine.”

Parenting experts agree that returning life to normal is a big part of helping children adapt to life after a traumatic or disastrous event.  Armed with that knowledge, Ellie called her Boston restoration service.  “They came into the apartment and looked everything over. We talked about what could be saved. They’ve got techniques and tools to deal with the smoke, soot and grime that just got everywhere in the apartment.”  Most exciting of all, Ellie was able to benefit from Boston carpet cleaning. “They made the boys’ bedroom rug look as good as new. There wasn’t even a smell in it, which amazed me!”

“The fact that we could save some of the boys’ most favorite things helped them get back to their normal selves quickly.  Nights are still tough, but we’re working on it,” Ellie said.  “Being a parent is tough sometimes.  But Boston disaster remediation services helped with the nastiest jobs – and got far better results than I ever expected!”