Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – one small change and all the patterns alter.

Small events can have a major impact on the way we live our lives.  A burst basement pipe, a toilet that overflows, a neighborhood kid pretending he’s a Red Sox and sending a baseball through your kitchen window – none of these sound like disasters, but if you’re the person left with the job of cleaning and repairing your home after one of these situations, you know they’re absolutely no fun.

A disaster doesn’t have to completely devastate your home in order to upset your life. An example is kitchen fires.  Many times, a small fire in the kitchen can be contained and extinguished, either by the homeowner or by the fabulous fire fighters we have here in Boston.  Your home is still intact – but how do you begin the cleaning up process?

After a fire, you’ll have smoke and soot lingering everywhere.  These substances cling to the walls as if they were made of glue – and in a way, they are.  The chemicals produced by a fire are actually very reactive, altering and bonding to surfaces they touch.  You can scrub all day with household cleanser and discover that you’ve not really eliminated the odor or the grime.  Your Boston disaster recovery service has the specialized tools, training, and cleaning products needed to restore your home to its normal state – free from that horrible smoky odor.

Another example is a flooded bathroom.  Discovering you have a sewer drain clog often involves a nasty, messy flood when the toilet backs up.  If you aren’t there to witness the events – and who hasn’t made a quick ‘pit stop’ before dashing out the door? – this water can run for quite a time.  You could have several inches of water on your floors, soaking into your carpets, staining your walls and ruining your possessions.  Cleaning this yourself isn’t just a nasty job, it’s potentially bad for your health.  Having a professional Boston cleaning service who specializes in disaster recovery is the answer.  They will completely remove all of the water and other materials, dry and clean the walls and carpet, and leave your rooms looking clean, fresh, and odor free!